Hank Lane Reviews: Dane Wright Band at the Fountainhead at Barrie and Eric’s Wedding

Hi Dane,

I don’t know if it was our hugging all the band members, my sister and Barrie’s friend singing with the band, the chanting for one more song at the end or, once again, my sister yelling that you guys are ‘freaking awesome’ that gave it away, but we/ALL our guests loved the Dane Wright Band.  What a great experience.

Heck, if I could hug you again and then do it everyday for a long time I would.  That is how grateful we are to both you and your bandmates…

– Your pianist nailed ‘Fields of Gold’ and Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’.

– The female lead (who I believe is newly married herself, please wish her well!) killed ‘Kissing You’.

– Although I couldn’t find Barrie, I loved dancing alone to Willie Hutch.  ‘I Choose You’ was another song you guys knocked out.

– Your lead singer working that chair towards the end was another moment people loved, his talent was another thing people can’t stop talking about.

– Our favorite moment, a moment that I think really showcases your professionalism, was the Horah.  It took our guests a very long time to remember to bring out a chair.  Rather than just assume this wasn’t going to happen, you and your band kept playing and playing until our guests caught the hint!  Thank you.

I can go on and on and on, but know that Barrie and I loved our experience with you, Stephanie, Spencer, and the Dane Wright Band.  Thank you so very much and if you ever need anything from us please let us know — the band is family now.

Best and be well, your friends…

Barrie & Eric

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