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Henry Marks Reviews: Kevin Osborne Band at Pine Hollow Country Club at Beth and Evan’s Wedding

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Dear Kevin,

We hope your summer has been fantastic. We have finally gone through our wedding proofs and wanted to share with you – here are some photos of you and the band from our 4/30/11 wedding.

Thank you again for everything – you made our party wonderful!

All the best,

Beth & Evan

Thank You from David Beahm Design

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Bobby –

Thank you for everything.  Not only did you and your band KILL IT last
night, but the road getting there was a pleasure as well.  Thank you for
answering my many emails, holding extra meeting with Cristin and her sister,
and for being so pleasant to work with – you make my job easy.

I think I have a bride in May who has you on hold – looking forward to it
and hoping we cross paths before that – thanks so much.

Nick Yarmack

Henry Marks Reviews: Bobby Attiko Band at Rockleigh Country Club at Amelia and Brian’s wedding

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Bobby your band just played at my son’s wedding on Saturday nite and you were great. There are bands and then there is The Band and you guys are that band. The music was great-non stop the entire nite. I have never seen everyone still one the dance floor ready to rock at 1:00 AM. Not only was the music great but the way all of you interacted with the guests on the dance floor was amazing. I knew you guys were great musicians but your showmanship was out of this world. All the guests said that you were the best band that they have ever seen. Bobby you made my sons wedding memorable and it’s a nite that we’ll never forget. Thank you once again.

Sheila and David

Henry Marks Band Leader Profile: Dylan Matthews

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Producer, performer, and band leader Dylan Matthews began his musical journey as just a boy. His father Rudy was a professional trumpet player, therefore he grew up studying the rich, brassy sounds of the greatest funk and rock horn bands of the world like Earth Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Blood Sweat & Tears, and of course the legendary Chicago. Knowing that he would unquestionably pursue a career in music, it was a devastating occurrence when an unfortunate accident followed by immediate surgery forced him to pack up his horn indefinitely. It was then that Dylan began his business career in production management for a high-end promotional firm in New Jersey.

After 8 years of being out of the scene, it was soon realized that all the money and success in the world could never fill the void that Dylan had felt from being away from his one and only true passion. “One day, I was at my desk, and something clicked…suddenly, life made sense”, Dylan recalls with a smirk. It was that very day that he handed in his letter of resignation, and set off to resume the quest that he had left behind less than a decade before.

Selling his car, leaving his house and moving back to “Mom’s basement” was the only unfortunate way to make ends meet, as he began picking up shifts as a bartender to prevent bills from stacking up. “I did what needed to be done to get the music back in my life” he comments. So, with countless phone calls, flyers, and ads, Dylan slowly began putting together his arsenal of musicians to help relive all the music he had missed out on during his 8 year hiatus.

With the success of his first project, many bands soon thereafter followed, all receiving rave critical acclaim as music became less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle. “When you experience one of my shows, my goal is that you take with you the uniqueness and power of an old school horn band, while twisting it in with the hottest tracks of the 80’s, 90’s and Today. It’s a concept that just isn’t being done, and I think that’s why people dig it so much”. Dylan admits his favorite part of an evening’s performance is watching everyone’s eyes LIGHT UP in excitement as he sneaks in a tune or two in which he calls “The Forgotten Classics”.

Musical influences?? Aside from the obvious bands like Tower of Power, James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, and Chicago, Dylan confesses to being a “Child of the 90’s”. “The 90’s produced some incredible music that we all seem to have forgotten about…I can’t tell you how many times the band will break out some crazy 90’s tune and we’ll watch groups of people push their chairs in, run towards the dance floor, yelling “No Way! I love this song!” Dylan laughs.

Since his return to the music industry, Dylan Matthews has orchestrated performances nationwide, produced horn sections on countless albums, and has shared the stage with world renowned musicians such as Columbia recording artist Kyle Jason, Billy Joel, Frankie Valli, and the legendary Chuck D of Public Enemy. “I love what I do” Dylan comments, “It may have been a bumpy road, but there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not grateful for finding my way home”.