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Henry Marks Reviews: Bobby Attiko Band at Ashford Estate at Stephanie and Justin’s wedding

Monday, June 28th, 2010


What an amazing night! You and your band were phenomenal last night and everyone had a great time. Stephanie and I cannot thank you enough for the performance you put on. It truly made the night an experience that everyone will never forget. Your passion for performing was obvious and we could not have hoped for anything better.

Thank you so much!

Stephanie and Justin

Bobby Attiko

Kathy and Paul

Monday, June 21st, 2010


Hello, hope all is well with you. I meant to write you earlier but Paul and I had another reception in Korea and things were a bit hectic. I wanted to thank you, Hank Lane, and the Artie Stuart Band for a wonderful night in May. The band was fabulous-all of the members were very professional and very talented. They really made all the guests come out on the dance floor-the reception was really a blast. My guests gave fabulous feedback on the band. I wanted to let you know that from the beginning to the end Hank Lane was very professional and reliable. I felt very well taken care of (I never had to doubt or worry/checkin on Hank Lane) and that is the best thing a vendor can do for a bride-a big thank you.

Kathy and Paul

Henry Marks Reviews: Bobby Attiko Band at Andrew and Jaime’s Wedding

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Bobby Attiko

We’re back in action, and we wanted to thank you for kicking so much ass at our wedding! It was staged perfectly/beautifully! Everyone EVERYONE was ranting and raving about The Bobby Attiko Band. You killed it brother!!

Harris…thanks for everything too!!

See you guys,

Andrew and Jaime

Gregg and Nicki

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010


What’s going on? Well, Nicki and I are back from the South Pacific and settling back into reality. Thank you so much for everything you did at our wedding day at the Palace. It was a blast. Let’s chat about anything we can do to help promote you and we would be happy to be a reference in the future.

Specifically, we absolutely loved Eyes of the World Acoustic (Amazing!) Life during Wartime, Blister in the Sun, the Shakedown with Mitch and of course you learning both Water in the Sky and Let Me Lie. And, the Tamborine Man was just perfect. So many highlights and memories. 

Will be in touch soon and please let us know what can do to help you out at all.

Gregg and Nicki

Ilene and Erik

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Hi Harris,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with our wedding. Artie was phenomenal!! All of our guests kept asking us about the band & telling us it was the best they have ever heard ( and they go to lots of weddings!!-one of our guests asked the singer if he was Usher) :). 

We were really so pleased and I was dancing lots! I’m sure having a first hand recommendation for my brides will certainly help but it was a spectacular event from start to finish.

Thank you again and I hope to see you soon,


Ilene and Erik

Steve and Judy

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Dear Kevin,
Thank you for doing a wonderful job on Sunday night!  Your band was perfection – you nailed every song.  For the last few days everyone who has called said the band was “fabulous,” “outrageous,” “great,” “the best I’ve ever heard” and so on.  One of my out of town guests called and said “Where did you get that band – they sure weren’t from Cincinnati!”  I know everyone says nice things when they call, but I also know when people are sincere and everyone who calls really means it.  I loved your choice of music – you had something for everyone in a very diverse crowd – your ending with “Empire State of Mind” was perfection.  My hat is off to your sound team – the music rocked with a sound level that was just right – so many times you go to a party where the sound level is uncomfortable for a lot of people.  On a personal note, thank you for a beautiful rendition of “This Guys In Love With You.”  It meant so much to Judy and I to be able to dance to our wedding song 40 years later – you brought back the moment for us.  And it was kind of you to let Mark make a request and sing with the band on the Meatloaf song – some bandleaders wouldn’t have let that happen.  If I ever have the pleasure of making a wedding for my son, I will have the pleasure of listening to you again.  If not, I hope I have the pleasure of listening to you again at someone else’s affair, which will be a possibility because if I am ever asked to recommend a band, it will be yours.  Thank you again for making Rachel and Mark’s wedding party a night we will always remember as one of the best of our lives.


Steve and Judy