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David and Marcia

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


Thank you so much for helping us pick the Kevin Osborne band for our daughters wedding Saturday night. It was AWESOME! The music was fabulous, the singers were¬†fantastic, and the flow of the evening was perfect. It was a romantic, magical, enchanted evening. Your were terrific, Ian in helping us make the right match. Kevin is so flexible in performing all the kinds of music we love . We cannot thank you all enough for really making our daughter’s wedding the most special day in our lives (until the next child’s wedding)!

David and Marcia

Henry Marks Reviews: Bobby Attiko Band at Pam and Daniel’s Wedding

Monday, March 15th, 2010


WOW! Words just won’t do you and your band justice. There’s nothing we can say that will accurately describe how amazing you and your band were at our wedding! You and your group are probably the most fantastic singers and performers we have ever seen!!! Daniel and I are truly, truly speechless still (as are most of our guests). Our wedding was the most spectacular night of our life-and so much of that is owed directly to your outrageously tremendous energy, dedication, talent, and just plain old awesomeness! You made the old young! We danced with our guests and with you from the moment you began performing to the moment you left…and you didn’t even take a break (yes, we noticed)! Thank you. Just about every single person we speak to compliments you an your band with a string of superlatives. And you deserve each one. We’ve also been bombarded by many guests specifically asking anout you, how we found you, what drugs you must be on to perform so perfectly while dancing etc :). We can’t say enough good things. Please know that we are sincerely grateful to have had you share in and help create the most wonderful night of our lives (to date). We thank you from our hearts with all the gratitude we know how to convey.

Thank you.


Pam and Daniel