NYC Wedding Band Review: Luxe


“Incredible”, “the most fun we have ever had”, “this band is going to be hard to top at any future wedding we go to” – these are just a few of the comments from our guests and we cannot agree more.

You guys kept everyone on the dance floor all night and everything flowed so perfectly. Even our 91 year old grandfather and his friends (who claim they are very picky with music and don’t often dance at weddings) were on the dance floor multiple times throughout the night.

You made our party truly the best night of our lives. As I mentioned yesterday, your Hank Lane video does not nearly do justice to how you perform live and the energy you put into every song. It was so evident you love what you do because every person in the room could tell.


– The Gracias

PS: We will send you the photos of your band mate doing high kicks with the groomsman when we get our photos back – priceless.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 5.24.25 PM

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