Wedding Band Reception: Kevin Osborne Band

Hi Kevin.  I hope you’re rockin’ away.

This is Zamir, Stephanie’s dad.  I’ve finally decompressed from the wedding on 10/10.

I wanted to write you a note to let you know how every one of our guests were so complimentary to the Kevin Osborne Band.  Most felt, as did I, that it was the best music by far they ever heard at an event.  To me it  was like being at a concert more than at a wedding.  More impressively was that the intensity and skill of the music playing transcended the songs themselves.

I also wish to thank you for some of your guidance and support throughout the event.  Telling my daughter Stephanie that it was good luck to have rain at a wedding was comforting, as was your telling me to just see that all the guests were having a good time and that that’s all that mattered.   Incidentally, every one of those guests without exception had only wonderful things to say about the entire evening.

So on behalf of my family, which more than doubled in size in one day, I wish to extend to you and your band members my sincerest appreciation and thanks.  You bring much happiness and joy to so many people, and you seem to have a great time while you’re doing it.

Warmest regards,


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